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Jose Carreon – Burn Department Supervisor

Jose Carreon is the Burn Department Supervisor in Houston, TX.

Jose’s time with Delta Steel began in March of 2014 but his story actually starts almost ten years prior with another Reliance Steel & Aluminum Company called Metal Supply Company. In February of 2006 Jose had returned from serving a 1 year tour in Afghanistan as a cargo specialist.

He began working for MSC as a torch burner, cutting up to 40″ beams with a hand torch.

“My military experience loading helicopters, deuce half and military trucks onto the cargo planes translated well when I entered the workforce.”

He also spent time as a processing foreman from 2013-2014. After that he moved to crane operator, which was during the merger with Delta Steel. For a short period of time he would continue working out of the old MSC facility as a second shift supervisor. Eventually Jose moved over to the main Delta Steel location in Houston, TX as a traffic assistant. There he would prepare the bills of lading for shipment as well as other tasks.

Career Growth

In 2018 Jose became the leadman for the plate processing department. His experience in the warehouse and operations lead him to pursue another opportunity as first shift receiving clerk from April 2022-2023. The culmination of his vast experience of the last 17 years lead him to be the burn department supervisor, where he oversees the plate and saw processing machines, operators, materials and prioritizing work for the shop.

“I enjoy being able to assist people and help them get what they need to get the job done. Everyday brings a new challenge and I really enjoy that.”

Jose likens his work environment to more of family atmosphere. He never thought he would be in the same place for 17 years but enjoys the people he works with. As Jose eyes his future with Delta Steel, one of his goals is to one day being in a management position such as an operations manager and plans on staying until he is ready to retire.


Jose has been involved in a paintball league for over 12 years now, competing in local events. He also travels frequently south of the border to spend time with his father, assisting him with his sugar cane farming. Jose’s daughter is also involved in high school freehand marching competition and ROTC.


“You learn from the guy above you to teach the guys below  you. That’s the goal, to keep on learning.”

Congratulations Jose and thank you for your contribution to our country and our team!