Brian Johnson is the Sales Manager in Ft. Worth, TX.

Brian Johnson

Brian’s time with Delta Steel began in March of 2011 when he was hired as a temp to work the press brakes. He came from an entirely different industry, albeit his time in sales at Radio Shack and managing a Dollar General Store would undoubtedly help him as his career flourished.

Retiring his three piece suit, Brian was referred to Delta Steel through a family friend and started with no experience in steel and quickly learned how to process and handle plate, a mainstay of the Ft. Worth division. Within six months Brian became a full-time processing employee and was cross trained for the press brakes and burning machines. His work ethic didn’t go unnoticed and by November he became the processing scheduler. His work covered the entire life cycle of the utility pole business.

“I essentially performed all aspects of the pole business, cradle to grave.”

Career Growth

In January 2023, Brian became sales manager for Ft. Worth.

“Working in the pole business is a departure from the normal everyday types of orders most of our locations handle and therefore requires a little bit different approach.”

Through Brian’s twelve year journey with Delta Steel, there have been several changes through out the organization. From leadership changes to new facilities and equipment.

“We have great momentum and I don’t want to loose that!”

He notes there has been a change in culture over the last several years. Brian enjoys the challenge the position brings and the complexity of the process.

“I felt I could bring the knowledge acquired over the years in the shop and apply them effectively to my new role.”

Looking towards the future, Brian is ready to rise to the occasion and/or opportunities that present themselves.

“Delta Steel is the place I plan to retire from.”


Brian has taken up cooking, specifically bbq and using smokers. It gives him the opportunity to continue his creativity outside of work.


“You either serve the customer directly or serve someone who does.”

Congratulations Brian and thank you for your contribution to our team!