About Oil and Gas Structural Steel

Oil and Gas Structural Steel Supply

The demand for structural steel is rising in several major areas of the oil and gas industry. Structural steel is critical for the development of many oil and gas applications, including oil rigs and platforms, pipelines, and a variety of equipment.

Delta Steel is a structural steel service center that has served clients in Texas for over 60 years. We work continuously to supply structural steel products and value-added services for oil and gas applications. Learn more about the variety of structural steel shapes we offer, as well as the benefits of choosing structural steel.

Benefits of Structural Steel For Oil and Gas

Structural steel delivers several benefits to the oil and gas industry. It reduces the cost and time associated with on-site construction and provides a high-quality product. Structural steel offers the following advantages:

  • Enhanced Productivity. Structural steel is fabricated off-site while the foundation and site are prepared, accelerating the production timeline. We carry a vast hot rolled carbon structural steel inventory and offer order flexibility so there are no additional delays or backups in production.
  • Superior Workmanship and Final Product. Structural steel is made to tight tolerances and consistent strength levels, complementing established design processes well. We work with experienced teams across the production cycle to provide American-made structural steel products, value-added services, and just-in-time delivery keeping projects on schedule.
  • Cost Efficiency. Structural steel is a cost-effective and efficient solution for the oil and gas industry. Steel frames are easily adaptable, making required modifications to existing structures possible.

Types of Structural Steel for Oil and Gas Applications

The oil and gas industry utilizes a range of structural steel products in construction and various industrial applications. Structures like oil platforms, offshore oil rigs, pipelines, and various oil and gas equipment can all benefit from steel’s tensile strength and durability.

Relevant structural steel shapes we offer include:

  • Wide Flange Beams. Wide flange beams are used in structural applications like constructing buildings and bridges. These beams have a nearly perpendicular flange to the web of material. We offer wide flange beams in numerous sizes, lengths, and specifications for oil rigs and oil platforms.
  • I-Beams. Various construction projects utilize special columns and beams. I-beams have horizontal flanges in an “I” shape that add structural integrity. At Delta Steel, we offer I-beams in numerous lengths, sizes, and specifications for oil and gas applications.
  • Structural Steel Channels. Various industrial applications rely on structural steel channels, including vehicle frames, tractor-trailer components, and buildings. We offer structural steel channels in many specifications, lengths, and sizes at Delta Steel, including those for oil and gas equipment.
  • Carbon Structural Steel Plates. Delta Steel is one of the largest carbon structural steel plate suppliers in the Southwest United States. Carbon steel’s ability to resist deterioration makes it especially useful in pipelines, oil platforms, and equipment commonly used in oil and gas applications. We can customize carbon steel products to meet your specific needs.

Why Delta Steel

When you partner with Delta Steel for your structural steel supply in the oil and gas industry, you get the following benefits:

  • One-Stop Shop. We stock a wide range of structural steel products to deliver a seamless solution to our customers.
  • Integrated Team Approach. Our collaborative effort ensures our client’s needs are met with timely, satisfactory solutions.
  • Just-In-Time Delivery. Holding the largest structural steel inventory in North America, we employ we provide just-in-time delivery, reducing your onsite inventory.
  • Going the Distance. We offer rapid solutions, ranging from our value-added services to efficient project tracking tools, in order to meet your unique project needs.

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Structured Steel Oil and Gas Services by Delta Steel

Structural steel offers several advantages, including cost-efficiency, rapid construction, and superior quality. We serve the oil and gas industry with beams, channels, and steel plates for use in vital pipeline structures.

With over six decades in the business, Delta Steel is your one-stop shop for seamless solutions. We are a leading provider of structural steel throughout the Southwest with a growing number of clients in major industries.

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