Thomas Rinyu is the Press Brake Supervisor in Ft Worth, TX.


Thomas’ journey with Delta started almost 3 years ago when he moved from Tucson, AZ back to Texas and began working as a burn operator in the Cedar Hill location in 2020. Being new to steel, he jumped in and learned the ropes very quickly. After only weeks working with his onsite mentor and supervisor, he was on his own.

“I really enjoyed making the parts and programming the machine.”

Thomas took ownership of his role and put everything into his work. Additionally, he got certified to run the forklifts.

Career Growth

Just a short year later, Thomas moved over to the Ft. Worth facility 45 minutes away. He was assigned to operate the press brakes. The Ft. Worth facility runs some of the largest press brakes in the country at 60′ in length.

“I really enjoy seeing the big utility pole shells we make go out the door and when I drive down the highway I see some of the work I’ve created and that’s very rewarding.”

After working in the processing department for a year, Thomas was promoted to Press Brake Supervisor. He now helps the team locate and pull material when needed. His time with the burning department and press brakes afford the Ft. Worth shop some additional expertise and he’s happy to help.

“I enjoy being in a leadership position and being able to give back to the shop guys by imparting the knowledge I’ve accumulated.” Now that Thomas primarily functions in a supervisor capacity he works around the shop, helping out other operators and orders consumables for the machines. He also operates as an additional quality control step for the utility poles. Being in a leadership role allows him to collaborate more with the various departments which he feels helps foster better communication.

Looking to the future, Thomas has a goal of taking on more responsibility and contributing to the overall¬† success of the Ft. Worth team. We can’t wait to see what you do next!


Thomas is an avid gamer, enjoys playing Call of Duty and lifted trucks. He’s also a huge Cowboys fan.

Congratulations and thank you Thomas for your contribution to our team!