Trent Robertson is the Operations Supervisor in Houston, TX.

Trent Robertson, a man of determination and unwavering commitment, has left an indelible mark on Delta Steel. His journey from a 3rd Shift Crane Operator to the Operations Supervisor is nothing short of inspiring. Leaving behind a farm town in Illinois, he sought new horizons in Houston, where he initially worked as an electrician apprentice and had family support.

Trent, with 4 years of experience in steel manufacturing within the oil industry, discovered Delta Steel through an online job search in February 2017. Armed with an Associates Degree in Manufacturing Engineering from Houston Community College and prior experience with overhead cranes, made him a valuable asset. Six weeks of hands on training with veteran operators, he was handling the crane like a pro.

Trent’s career path was marked by deliberate steps. From Crane Operator, he transitioned to become the 2nd Shift Processing Leadman in August of 2018. In this role, he coordinated with supervisors to ensure timely material processing. His dedication and attention to detail caught the eye of management.

Trent’s responsibilities expanded as he took on the role of 1st Shift Receiving Lead two years later. He meticulously counted and verified inbound materials, ensuring accuracy and seamless integration into the system. His commitment to excellence was evident, and he continued to grow.

Career Growth

Delta Steel has undergone positive changes under Trent’s watch. New leadership injected fresh energy, and the company’s growth trajectory remained upward. Trent’s optimism was contagious—he saw potential everywhere. Today, Trent oversees receiving operations at Delta Steel.

His days are a whirlwind of activity: loading trucks accurately, assisting the Operations Manager, and coordinating tasks with fellow employees. Morning toolbox meetings set the tone for the day—a blend of camaraderie, respect, and shared purpose. Trent’s aspirations are simple yet profound: he aims to keep climbing until he reaches the top.

“I’m addicted to growing and learning. Everyday is different, you never know what you’re going to get.”

As his Uncle Mike wisely said, “Never be afraid to fail.” Trent lives by this mantra, embodying the spirit of resilience. Trent Robertson’s journey is a testament to perseverance, adaptability, and the pursuit of excellence. As Operations Supervisor, he not only facilitates a steel service center’s operations but shapes futures. His story reminds us that every day is an opportunity to climb higher, learn more, and leave a lasting legacy. Congratulations Trent!


Outside of the office, Trent finds solace in family time. His wife and two kids—boy and girl—accompany him on camping trips, beach outings, and backyard barbecues. His love of sports, especially supporting the Fighting Illini and the Cardinals, fuel his competitive spirit. And when he needs quiet reflection, he casts his line into the water, seeking tranquility through fishing.


“Winners don’t make excuses.”Kobe Bryant