Veronica Torres is a Sales Representative in Houston.

Veronica has been with us for fifteen years, starting in June of 2007 as a receptionist. Veronica was working in the fledgling real estate business during the downturn and was needing a more stable work environment. She answered a “green sheet” ad in the paper and soon had an interview with the general manager at the time. Veronica spent her time fielding the inbound calls and handling administrative paperwork such as the mill test report filing and passing out the daily sales reports. Additionally she found herself checking sales tickets for accuracy, a further step in the quality control process before they get processed.

Career Growth

Veronica continued her journey when she became the Credit Assistant in 2008. She would send out and process credit applications, follow up on references and pull Dun & Bradstreet reports to assist in setting up accounts. Ultimately she would take on many of the tasks of a credit manager. This would include setting up small credit line accounts, send out invoices and handle collections as needed. Veronica brought a very personal touch to the role and that didn’t go unnoticed.  After spending 3 years in the credit seat she found herself facing another career move.

In 2011, Veronica was offered a position in Sales. She trained on the system and within a few short weeks was working the phones and taking orders. “Back in those days Delta used a different system but now we have a much more streamlined one that requires less paperwork and more visibility. At Delta Steel, we grant our Sales Representatives a lot of latitude in how they conduct their relationships with their customers as well as allowing them to place purchase orders for material. Veronica is not only in sales but she is also the mini mill product manager. She handles the forecasting, price negotiation and deliveries from the mills to the Houston warehouse.

“Being in sales is like running a business, where you are running your own little company and everyone must contribute to make the whole thing successful.”

Veronica notes that this enables a fun and competitive environment amongst her peers. The sales opportunity fostered growth, continuing education and professionalism, all characteristics Delta Steel is looking to achieve for it’s employees. “Delta has been the place that helped me raise my family, and that is how I feel about my colleagues. They’re family.” 


“Get it together”


Veronica is a member of a competitive pool team in a league known as Billiards Congress of America. Her all ladies team competes annually in a Las Vegas tournament they recently placed 19th out of 45 teams.  Additionally Veronica enjoys riding the family Harley with her husband and being outdoors.

Congratulations Veronica! We are proud to have you on our team!