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We say farewell to long time President, Mark Haight.

After graduating from Ohio Northern University in 1980, Mark Haight went to work for a steel service center in MI. Mark we knew to the business, but it was an opportunity, so he took at it. He worked hard, tried to make a positive impression and it got noticed. Within a few months he was included in vendor, customer and industry meetings, taking notice of his opportunities to move up. Toward the end of 1982 that business was sold and the VP of Sales left to start a new business in CT, where he eventually would offer him an opportunity to join.

Years later in 1990 Mark was given the chance to build a business and Infra-Metals was born. His primary goal was to build a business that could survive in all markets. To accomplish that everyone needed to feel like they had a stake in the business and essentially feel like an owner.

“It has always been my mission to build a business where all involved had a chance to live their American Dream.”

After 32 years leading Infra-Metals and thereafter Delta Steel, we all thank you Mark Haight for your mentoring, leadership and friendship and wish you Godspeed and good fortune in your much deserved retirement from Infra-Metals and Delta Steel.

Effective January 1st Oak Williams was promoted to President of Infra-Metals and Delta Steel.

Oak joined the sales team at Infra-Metals in 1998 shortly after graduating college with a degree in mechanical engineering from the University of Vermont. In 2014 he accepted the challenge of being the leader of the greenfield operation we built in New Boston Ohio. As General Manager, Oak put together the commercial and operational teams that were ultimately responsible for the very successful startup we had there, achieving profitability in just a few short months.
In 2018 Oak was promoted to Vice President – Commercial and spent a lot of time reorganizing and reenergizing the leadership teams throughout Infra-Metals and Delta Steel.

Now as President and COO Oak looks forward to continuing to lead by example and continue the mission to create an environment where everybody wants to come to work each day.

Matt Ibarguen – General Manager

Matt Ibarguen

Matt Ibarguen is the General Manager in Cedar Hill, TX.

Matt’s journey to Delta started 12 years ago when he moved from Boston, MA. to Langhorne, PA. in hopes of gaining more experience in the field of 3D architectural modeling. He ended up hearing that a sister company of Delta Steel, Infra-Metals, was looking to fill an open position for inside sales and the rest is history.

Nine years in the sales seat and Matt was vying for another position with Infra-Metals, as the General Manager position was opening up in Baltimore, MD. In 2019 he accepted the role and made his way to the home of the best crab cakes and interestingly, Old Bay Seasoning. Matt joined a team of seasoned people when he assumed leadership in the Mid-Altantic division which complimented his goal in repairing the warehouse and fitting it up for additional planned output.

“Being commercially minded, I really learned a lot about operations in my time there.”

Matt’s role was very hands on with the folks in the warehouse and he worked diligently to incorporate the safety culture that has made both Infra-Metals and Delta Steel so successful. He fostered an environment of very open and honest communication with his staff and looked to them for input when consideration new operational policies.

“Your whole job as a GM is people and communicating. It’s all about building relationships and putting your team in a position to succeed.”

Career Growth

In the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic, Matt turned to the south for another opportunity, and warmer weather. He accepted the position of General Manager for the Delta Steel Cedar Hill, TX location. Matt sees the potential in the Texas market and looks forward to competing in the market there. Since he has overseen this facility, they have gone through many changes, both physically and culturally. The Cedar Hill facility continues to expand it’s facility, add new equipment and upgrade the office space, all of which aligns with his vision for his employees.

“I want to make it place to have a great career and raise a family no matter what your role in the company is.”



Matt enjoys playing fast pitch softball, golfing and fishing.


Congratulations and Thank you Matt for your contribution and leadership!