Business History

Delta Steel was founded in 1963 and has become a leader servicing the structural steel market. Delta serves a diverse group of industries in seventeen (17) states and in many countries outside the United States. Acquired by Reliance, Inc. in 2008.

Delta’s business history is an evolution in wholesale distribution which has culminated in becoming one of the leaders in the Southwest for pre-processed steel. The volume of our development has been achieved through strategically located facilities designed specifically for the products and services we provide. We offer an extensive inventory, maintain state of the art processing equipment, and provide just-in-time delivery.



Mission Statement
“Delta Steel is a customer oriented company, striving to build long lasting and mutually profitable customer relationships. We are committed to continuous improvement in our service, in our products, in safety and in our personnel. We emphasize professional and ethical business dealings with customers, suppliers and employees.”

Financial Strength
From industrial and commercial construction, to industrial transmission and telecommunication markets, from OEM applications to marine, barge and shipbuilding projects, we have a strong reputation as a service oriented team.

Delta Steel is one of the largest steel service centers in the southwest United States. The financial resources of Delta Steel contributes to purchasing strength with steel mills in the United States and throughout the world. Our financial strength contributes to strong vendor relationships in both domestic and international markets, allowing for continuing sources of steel products.

Corporate Strategy
Our strategy is to focus on providing quality steel products and precision processing to promote alliances with our customers. This strategy foundation has allowed Delta Steel to be a leading preferred vendor while continuing to increase the number of partnerships or alliances in which we participate.

The second phase of our strategy is to continuously improve our quality system and streamline our internal procedures. This will add additional value and lower costs to our partnerships.

A third building block of our strategy is to continually review and supplement our product mix to better serve the industries we participate in. In addition to products, we will focus on the latest technology in processing equipment. We provide the quality and precision processed parts required by our customers.

We are part of a global economy and as our customers participate in export markets, we are prepared to support them. We currently market steel products in Mexico, Latin America and Puerto Rico.

President's Message

Welcome to Delta Steel.

We hope our website will let you learn a little more about our operations and our capabilities. What it cannot demonstrate adequately is the dedication and commitment of our valued employees.

We are an organization of approximately 400 men and women who understand we are in the services business. Taking care of the customer is priority ONE. We embrace the philosophy that commitment, integrity, and service are critical to our organization’s success

We invite you to page through our web site and learn more about us. But call or visit any of our locations to really understand the DELTA difference. It’s the people.

Kind Regards,

Oak Williams