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Splitting Services for Steel T-Beams

Steel T-Splitting is just one of the many services we strive to provide our customers. Delta Steel offers T-Splits in Grade A992 or Grade 50 steel.

Our T-Split line includes roller conveyors, transfer tables, and screw-type lifting rollers to help speed up operational processes. Furthermore, our machines are fully programmable, from the heating and steel T-Splitting process to the cooling process, all of which reduce the time it takes to produce T-Splits.

For beams W4 X 13 through W30 X 108 with web thicknesses of 5/8″ or less, we use a Rotary T-Splitter. The Rotary T-Splitting line also employs a pre-heating and quenching system to ensure that the final split product is straight.

T-Splitting Capabilities

Beam sizes too large for the Rotary T-Splitter can be split stitched and separated in Delta Steel using an oxy-fuel or a plasma torch. The standard tolerance for split tees is as follows:

  • ± 1/8 in. over five ft. measured with the T-Stem up and sitting on the floor.
  • ± 1/16 in. over 30 ft.

For Your Splitting Service Needs

T-Beams are the preferred choice if you want to reduce the overall height and weight of your assembly. However, if you want your project to have more resistance and tensile strength, you should use Wide Flange beams. Either way, there is no better splitting service provider than Delta Steel Inc.

Delta Steel, Inc. produces high-quality carbon steel plates to customer specifications in various sizes, widths, and lengths. Because of our capable machines, skilled experts, and unwavering passion and commitment to our customers, we have grown to become one of the largest carbon steel plate suppliers in the southwest United States. Our locations are spread across Texas, but we also have locations along the East Coast — from New England to Florida — and in the Midwest — from Illinois to Ohio.

We also offer splitting services for custom or steel flange beams. Contact us or request a quote today for more information and further inquiries.


Structural tee sizes are now available up to a maximum width of 30” wide and a maximum thickness of 5/8”.

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