For Ordinary Uses

These specifications cover black and hot dipped galvanized welded seamless steel pipe. Pipe ordered under these specifications is nominal(average) wall and is intended for ordinary uses in steam, water, gas and air lines, but is not intended for close coiling or bending, or high-temperature service. No mechanical tests are specified on pipe made to these specifications, except hydrostatic tests which shall be made at the mills, as these specifications are intended to cover pipe purchased mainly for jobber’s stocks.

Note: When tension, flattening, or bend tests are required, pipe should be ordered in accordance with the Specifications for Welded and Seamless Pipe(ASTM Designation: A53). In the case of galvanized pipe so ordered, the base metal shall be made and tested in accordance with the Specifications A53 and the pipe shall be galvanized and the coating tested in accordance with these specifications A120. When specified, results of the mechanical tests on the base material shall be reported to the purchaser.

Note: When galvanized pipe, as covered by these specifications, is bent or otherwise fabricated to a degree which causes the zinc coating to stretch or compress beyond the limit of elasticity, some flaking of the coating may occur.


A-120 Sizes 1/8-12″ STD, E.S. and XX – Covers Black and Galvanized Welded Seamless nominal(average) wall pipe for ordinary uses in steam, water, gas and air lines. Pipe to this specification not intended for close coiling, bending, or high-temperature service.


A-53 Sizes 1/8-24″ STD, E.S. and XXX – Covers Black and Galvanized Welded Seamless nominal wall pipe for coiling, bending, flanging and other special purposes and is suitable for welding. Buttwelded pipe is not intended for flanging (roll back operation to form flange using pipe wall). Purpose for which pipe is intended should be stated on order.


A-106 Sizes 1/8-24″ A.S.A Schedules 10 through160 – Covers Seamless nominal wall pipe (welded not permitted) for high-temperature service, suitable for bending, flanging, and similar forming operations. Sizes 1 1/2″ and under may be either hot finished or cold drawn. Sizes 2″ and larger shall be hot finished unless otherwise specified.


API 5-L Sizes 1/8-24″ – Cold Welded and Seamless pipe suitable for use in conveying gas, water and oil in both the oil and natural gas industries.

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