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Brandon Smith – Account Representative

Brandon Smith is a Account Representative in Cedar Hill, TX.


Brandon Smith has carved a path to success that began at a community college, where he honed his skills and laid the foundation for his future. He initially joined Delta Steel as a Press Brake Operator in September 2021, setting foot in an unfamiliar industry at the Ft. Worth location. But it was here that he would start his incredible journey. Brandon’s Delta Steel journey was intertwined with personal growth, as he moved from Tucson, Arizona, seeking a fresh start and reconnecting with family in Fort Worth. He had the fortune of knowing a personal family friend who had gone to high school with his mother and thus this connection served as a fortuitous link to his promising career with Delta Steel.

Brandon’s career evolution didn’t happen overnight. His success story was marked by consistent learning and mentorship, including time spent learning from veteran operators. It was those veterans who transferred the knowledge, the kind that textbooks couldn’t provide, to Brandon. Brandon also absorbed the workings of the press brake machine, ensuring that all material and processing information was entered accurately into the system.

Fast forward to January 2022, and Brandon found himself embracing a new role as a Processing Scheduler. In this capacity, he was entrusted with the responsibility of scheduling processing for all machinery, ensuring that the wheels of production ran smoothly. By February 2022, he had progressed yet again, this time assuming the role of a CNC Programmer. His daily tasks included creating all the essential programs, becoming an integral part of the CAD team, and meticulously checking programs while making necessary adjustments.

Career Growth

In April 2023, Brandon embarked on his most transformative role yet—Account Representative. It was here that his journey took a profound turn. Brandon found himself connecting with clients, both old and new, spending his days as the point of contact for one of Delta Steel’s largest accounts in Fort Worth. His two-year journey through the ranks had culminated in a position that allowed him to apply his skills, knowledge, and dedication in new and exciting ways.

In a few months time Brandon moved over to the Cedar Hill location, as a Account Representative. His primary role revolves around nurturing existing accounts and exploring new opportunities. Cedar Hill provides more significant opportunities in selling on the structural side, and it’s a role that allows him to be close to the facility, cementing his connection with the company’s core operations.

Reflecting on his journey at Delta Steel, Brandon cites a profound cultural change within the organization, with an emphasis on safety that resonates through every facet of the company. “You can’t go a day without hearing about being safe.” Employees look forward to coming to work, fostering a strong bond with the operations team and forging lasting friendships.

Brandon’s aspirations for the future are high. He envisions himself in a leadership role, perhaps even as a General Manager on day. His love for teamwork and his undeniable pride in knowing that he plays a part in the structures that shape the world fuel his ambition.


Outside of the workplace, Brandon’s passion for sports, love for fishing, and his commitment to training in Jiu-Jitsu and kickboxing fill his free time. He understands that success isn’t confined to his career, but extends to his life outside of work.


“If something is humanly possible, it is attainable by you too.” – Marcus Aurelius

Brandon Smith’s remarkable career climb at Delta Steel is a testament to the belief that hard work, dedication, and continuous learning can lead to incredible heights. Congratulations, Brandon!