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IPF 2024 – International Partnering Forum Conference

Oceantic Network, formerly the Business Network for Offshore Wind, is pleased to announce that registration is open for the 2024 International Partnering Forum (IPF) taking place April 22-25, 2024, in New Orleans. Industry experts from around the world will converge to share best business practices, the most advanced technical and scientific findings, and policy updates impacting offshore wind. IPF connects global leaders and businesses in the supply chain, offers unparalleled networking opportunities, and delivers the most timely and relevant updates on the industry, from technology and policy to safety and siting.

As the largest offshore wind energy conference in the Americas, IPF offers a full week of tours, workshops, trainings, networking opportunities, and new programming (including the new FloatON Summit dedicated to floating offshore wind). Meet and connect with industry colleagues, global leaders, and offshore wind trailblazers.

Located in the heart of America’s offshore energy industry, New Orleans will host 2024 IPF just as the Gulf of Mexico begins developing its offshore wind market. Gulf companies are already hard at work building America’s next energy industry and moving to integrate new technologies like green hydrogen into offshore wind. Embracing its offshore energy past and embracing the future of offshore wind, New Orleans and the state of Louisiana are emerging as a center of experience, expertise, innovation, and heart of this new industry.

With an anticipated 4,000+ attendees, 300+ exhibitors, and 250+ speakers, IPF attendance helps secure your place as a leader in the industry.

You’ll find Delta Steel exhibiting at Booth #1206 Stop by to talk to our team and see how Infra-Metals can assist you in your next project delivery by utilizing our extensive inventory and processing capabilities.

Learn more about how we address the project life cycle and how we can help reduce the overall costs of your project. Additionally we work with many of the fabrication software applications serving the structural steel industry for project management. Stop by and ask one of our team members for more information.

We’re not just another supplier. Consider us an extension of your shop. Click here for more information regarding Internation Partnering Forum 2024

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John Rangel – Processing Manager

John Rangel is the Processing Manager in Fort Worth, TX.

In the busy and energetic confines of Delta Steel – Fort Worth, John Rangel stands out as a model of dedication and progress. From his beginnings as a Burn Operator to his current position as Processing Manager/CAD Supervisor, John’s journey is a testament to hard work, resilience, and the pursuit of excellence.

His journey in the steel business began years earlier in 2009 at Falcon Steel, where he honed his skills as a Burn Operator. Despite the initial challenges and the daunting task of self-learning, John persevered, guided by a mentor who instilled in him the invaluable lesson that failure is an integral part of the learning process.

John’s career trajectory within Delta Steel is a testament to his unwavering commitment. However, it wasn’t just professional growth that fueled John’s journey; it was also driven by a desire to create a better work-life balance for his family. His decision to join Delta Steel stemmed from this need, and it proved to be a pivotal moment in his career.

Starting as a 2nd Shift Burn Operator in October of 2013, John quickly rose through the ranks, serving as a Burn Leadman and subsequently as a Burn Supervisor before transitioning into the realm of CAD and ultimate Processing Manager. Over the span of a decade, he navigated through various roles, each one adding layers of experience and expertise to his repertoire.

Career Growth

In September of 2020, John became the Processing Manager/CAD Supervisor for Fort Worth. His responsibilities extend far beyond mere managerial duties. He serves as a guiding light, assisting with new projects, reviewing processing schedules, and imparting his wealth of knowledge to colleagues in the CAD department. John finds immense fulfillment in mentoring others, taking pride in their growth and development.

“I really enjoy helping out others and offering assistance to other divisions when they need us.”

Moreover, John’s impact transcends the confines of his role, as he actively contributes to the company’s evolution and culture. He spearheads initiatives to foster collaboration and employee-oriented practices, embodying the ethos of teamwork and support that defines Delta Steel.

“Knowledge is power”

For John, the future holds boundless possibilities. His aspirations are as ambitious as they are noble—to continue growing alongside the company, to keep learning, and to offer his expertise to all divisions. John remains steadfast in his pursuit of knowledge and excellence.


Outside the office, John finds solace in the simple joys of family and hobbies. Whether it’s cheering on his son at soccer matches or indulging in home improvement projects, John cherishes the moments spent with loved ones and finds fulfillment in every endeavor.


“To learn to succeed you must first learn to fail”Michael Jordan

Congratulations John! Delta Steel is proud to have you on our team!