Daniel Del Pozo is the Safety Supervisor in San Antonio, TX.

Daniel Del Pozo - Safety Supervisor

Daniel Del Pozo is a model of dedication, whose path from a temporary helper to the role of Safety Supervisor spans over 17 years of unwavering commitment and resolve.

His journey began in September 2006 as a temporary helper in the warehouse, green to the industry but eager to learn. In January 2007, he cemented his place as a full-time Crane Operator, maneuvering heavy loads with precision and skill.

Training on the crane came from seasoned veterans and the operations manager, who imparted invaluable knowledge on pulling techniques, truck loading, and staging. Fueled by a competitive spirit, he sought to excel in every aspect of his job, constantly pushing himself to be the best he could be. Over the years, he transitioned through various roles within the company, from Traffic Supervisor to Receiving, until finally settling into his current role as Safety Supervisor in December 2022.

Career Growth

In his current role as Safety Supervisor, he wears many hats, overseeing receiving operations while ensuring employees have the training and tools they need to excel. From leading toolbox talks to empowering shop floor employees, he fosters a culture of confidence and camaraderie.

“Every voice is heard and every idea valued.”

What he enjoys most about his role is the variety it brings, with each day presenting new challenges and opportunities for growth. Whether resolving receiving issues or lending a hand in the shop, he remains humble and approachable, always willing to lend a helping hand.

Reflecting on his journey to and through Delta Steel, he reminisces about his initial stint with the company, a brief affair cut short by life’s twists and turns. But fate intervened, and two years managing a car wash later, he found himself back at Delta’s doorstep. His determination and work ethic earned him a permanent position, setting the stage for a career defined by growth and perseverance.

“I’m proud to be part of a company where people genuinely care about their jobs and each other.”

Looking to the future, he envisions retiring from Delta Steel, rooted in San Antonio and grateful for the opportunities the company has provided. His aspirations are simple yet profound – to continue growing, evolving, and supporting his peers along the way.


Outside of work, he finds solace and joy in family, cooking BBQ, attending rodeos, and dancing with his wife on date nights. To Daniel, life is not just about the steel he works with, but the moments he shares with loved ones and creating memories that are as enduring as steel.


“Nobody owes you nothing. Life is what you make it.”

Congratulations Daniel! Delta Steel is proud to have you on our team!