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Eric Parker – Traffic Manager

Eric Parker is the Traffic Manager in Cedar Hill, TX.

Eric Parker

Eric’s journey in the metals business began with another Reliance, Inc. family of companies, Fox Metals and Alloys, where had been a traffic supervisor for five years. They specialized in metals for the oil industry, however when the opportunity arose to facilitate a move to Fort Worth, Eric volunteered.

Eric started with Delta Steel as Traffic Supervisor back in 2015. Armed with some college education and a passion for logistics, he stepped into the role with eagerness. His days were filled with coordinating shipments, managing schedules, and ensuring smooth operations. Eric worked closely with the ops manager and the Corporate Transportation Officer. Compliance became second nature—back-end intricacies, electronic logging systems, and the delicate balance of managing a fleet of twelve trucks and their drivers.

“Every day is like putting a puzzle together, posing new challenges and coming up with solutions.”

Career Growth

In January of 2024, Eric was promoted to Traffic Manager in Cedar Hill. The Smart Drive safety camera systems became his allies, ensuring both efficiency and safety. And in the background, Eric supported the Fort Worth operations as well, bridging the gap between the two facilities.

“I enjoy the people I work with. We’re a tight-knit team, always pushing to do more and be better.”

Delta Steel wasn’t static. The Cedar Hill and Fort Worth facilities were evolving. New faces—GMs and Ops Managers—steered the ship. Eric witnessed the transformation firsthand. The beam yard, nearing completion, promised increased tonnage and smoother operations. Safety took center stage, with Reliance investing in cutting-edge technology like Smart Drive.

“We want our guys safe!”

Looking forward, Eric sees Delta as the place he’ll retire from. Yet his journey is far from over. Armed with the zeal to accomplish more and work towards a common goal with his compadres in Cedar Hill, they approach everyday as a team to fill out deliveries for their customers.

“I want to see what we can achieve. There’s untapped potential here.”

Eric Parker’s journey—from supervisor to Traffic Manager—is a testament to resilience, adaptability, and the power of teamwork. His story inspires us all to reach for the next rung on our career ladder, knowing that every step counts.


When he’s not orchestrating logistics, Eric indulges in music. He has played drums since age fourteen and enjoys strumming his guitar. Concerts provide a rhythm to his life beyond steel and busy delivery schedules.


“There is no greater education than one that is self-driven” – Neil deGrasse Tyson

Congratulations Eric! We are proud to have you in our corner!

Trent Robertson – Operations Supervisor

Trent Robertson is the Operations Supervisor in Houston, TX.

Trent Robertson, a man of determination and unwavering commitment, has left an indelible mark on Delta Steel. His journey from a 3rd Shift Crane Operator to the Operations Supervisor is nothing short of inspiring. Leaving behind a farm town in Illinois, he sought new horizons in Houston, where he initially worked as an electrician apprentice and had family support.

Trent, with 4 years of experience in steel manufacturing within the oil industry, discovered Delta Steel through an online job search in February 2017. Armed with an Associates Degree in Manufacturing Engineering from Houston Community College and prior experience with overhead cranes, made him a valuable asset. Six weeks of hands on training with veteran operators, he was handling the crane like a pro.

Trent’s career path was marked by deliberate steps. From Crane Operator, he transitioned to become the 2nd Shift Processing Leadman in August of 2018. In this role, he coordinated with supervisors to ensure timely material processing. His dedication and attention to detail caught the eye of management.

Trent’s responsibilities expanded as he took on the role of 1st Shift Receiving Lead two years later. He meticulously counted and verified inbound materials, ensuring accuracy and seamless integration into the system. His commitment to excellence was evident, and he continued to grow.

Career Growth

Delta Steel has undergone positive changes under Trent’s watch. New leadership injected fresh energy, and the company’s growth trajectory remained upward. Trent’s optimism was contagious—he saw potential everywhere. Today, Trent oversees receiving operations at Delta Steel.

His days are a whirlwind of activity: loading trucks accurately, assisting the Operations Manager, and coordinating tasks with fellow employees. Morning toolbox meetings set the tone for the day—a blend of camaraderie, respect, and shared purpose. Trent’s aspirations are simple yet profound: he aims to keep climbing until he reaches the top.

“I’m addicted to growing and learning. Everyday is different, you never know what you’re going to get.”

As his Uncle Mike wisely said, “Never be afraid to fail.” Trent lives by this mantra, embodying the spirit of resilience. Trent Robertson’s journey is a testament to perseverance, adaptability, and the pursuit of excellence. As Operations Supervisor, he not only facilitates a steel service center’s operations but shapes futures. His story reminds us that every day is an opportunity to climb higher, learn more, and leave a lasting legacy. Congratulations Trent!


Outside of the office, Trent finds solace in family time. His wife and two kids—boy and girl—accompany him on camping trips, beach outings, and backyard barbecues. His love of sports, especially supporting the Fighting Illini and the Cardinals, fuel his competitive spirit. And when he needs quiet reflection, he casts his line into the water, seeking tranquility through fishing.


“Winners don’t make excuses.”Kobe Bryant

Yesenia Andrade – Human Resources

Yesenia Andrade is Human Resources for Fort Worth / Cedar Hill, TX.

Yesenia Andrade, with her infectious energy and unwavering spirit, has carved her path from the ground up to become the beacon of Human Resources at Delta Steel.

Yesenia’s journey into the realm of HR was unconventional, to say the least. At the age of seventeen, fate intervened when she found herself assisting at a staffing agency, her bilingual prowess lending a hand as a translator. Yesenia would help people with applications,  conduct payroll, handle hiring, cold calling and sales. Little did she know, this serendipitous moment would set the stage for her future career.

From the moment she stepped foot into Delta Steel, Yesenia’s determination shone brightly. She tackled her role head-on, seamlessly transitioning from aiding with applications to mastering the intricacies of payroll and hiring. With each challenge, she rose, embracing the role of a safety manager and crafting innovative solutions to enhance workplace safety.

“Never the same. Ever. It’s always something new or different. I’m always learning about something.”

Career Growth

As she continued on her career path at Delta Steel, Yesenia demonstrated not only her competence in HR but also her innate ability to connect with people on a personal level. Her genuine concern for the well-being of employees and her commitment to fostering a positive work environment have made her an invaluable asset to the company. Yesenia’s tenure at Delta Steel is not merely defined by her professional prowess but by her unwavering dedication to her colleagues. As the Celebrations and Events Coordinator, she orchestrates moments of joy and camaraderie, ensuring that every employee feels valued and appreciated.

Over the last six years of her employment, Yesenia has witnessed the winds of change sweep through Delta Steel. With each shift in leadership and culture, she has remained steadfast, championing positivity and progress. Her relentless efforts have not only improved workplace safety but have fostered a sense of community amongst her peers.

“I love change.”

Looking towards the horizon, Yesenia’s aspirations burn bright. She envisions a future where Delta Steel flourishes, where every employee thrives in an environment of safety and support. Her commitment to growth knows no bounds, driven by a desire to see both Fort Worth and Cedar Hill reach their fullest potential.


Yesenia’s passions weave seamlessly alongside her professional pursuits. From sweating it out at the gym to basking in the serenity of nature with her children, she finds solace and inspiration in every moment. Oh, and she loves music, kayaking and lazy river float trips too!


“The inner child is the true self. Never lose that child-like person.”

Congratulations Yesenia! Delta Steel is proud to have you on our team!

Daniel Del Pozo – Safety Supervisor

Daniel Del Pozo is the Safety Supervisor in San Antonio, TX.

Daniel Del Pozo - Safety Supervisor

Daniel Del Pozo is a model of dedication, whose path from a temporary helper to the role of Safety Supervisor spans over 17 years of unwavering commitment and resolve.

His journey began in September 2006 as a temporary helper in the warehouse, green to the industry but eager to learn. In January 2007, he cemented his place as a full-time Crane Operator, maneuvering heavy loads with precision and skill.

Training on the crane came from seasoned veterans and the operations manager, who imparted invaluable knowledge on pulling techniques, truck loading, and staging. Fueled by a competitive spirit, he sought to excel in every aspect of his job, constantly pushing himself to be the best he could be. Over the years, he transitioned through various roles within the company, from Traffic Supervisor to Receiving, until finally settling into his current role as Safety Supervisor in December 2022.

Career Growth

In his current role as Safety Supervisor, he wears many hats, overseeing receiving operations while ensuring employees have the training and tools they need to excel. From leading toolbox talks to empowering shop floor employees, he fosters a culture of confidence and camaraderie.

“Every voice is heard and every idea valued.”

What he enjoys most about his role is the variety it brings, with each day presenting new challenges and opportunities for growth. Whether resolving receiving issues or lending a hand in the shop, he remains humble and approachable, always willing to lend a helping hand.

Reflecting on his journey to and through Delta Steel, he reminisces about his initial stint with the company, a brief affair cut short by life’s twists and turns. But fate intervened, and two years managing a car wash later, he found himself back at Delta’s doorstep. His determination and work ethic earned him a permanent position, setting the stage for a career defined by growth and perseverance.

“I’m proud to be part of a company where people genuinely care about their jobs and each other.”

Looking to the future, he envisions retiring from Delta Steel, rooted in San Antonio and grateful for the opportunities the company has provided. His aspirations are simple yet profound – to continue growing, evolving, and supporting his peers along the way.


Outside of work, he finds solace and joy in family, cooking BBQ, attending rodeos, and dancing with his wife on date nights. To Daniel, life is not just about the steel he works with, but the moments he shares with loved ones and creating memories that are as enduring as steel.


“Nobody owes you nothing. Life is what you make it.”

Congratulations Daniel! Delta Steel is proud to have you on our team!

John Rangel – Processing Manager

John Rangel is the Processing Manager in Fort Worth, TX.

In the busy and energetic confines of Delta Steel – Fort Worth, John Rangel stands out as a model of dedication and progress. From his beginnings as a Burn Operator to his current position as Processing Manager/CAD Supervisor, John’s journey is a testament to hard work, resilience, and the pursuit of excellence.

His journey in the steel business began years earlier in 2009 at Falcon Steel, where he honed his skills as a Burn Operator. Despite the initial challenges and the daunting task of self-learning, John persevered, guided by a mentor who instilled in him the invaluable lesson that failure is an integral part of the learning process.

John’s career trajectory within Delta Steel is a testament to his unwavering commitment. However, it wasn’t just professional growth that fueled John’s journey; it was also driven by a desire to create a better work-life balance for his family. His decision to join Delta Steel stemmed from this need, and it proved to be a pivotal moment in his career.

Starting as a 2nd Shift Burn Operator in October of 2013, John quickly rose through the ranks, serving as a Burn Leadman and subsequently as a Burn Supervisor before transitioning into the realm of CAD and ultimate Processing Manager. Over the span of a decade, he navigated through various roles, each one adding layers of experience and expertise to his repertoire.

Career Growth

In September of 2020, John became the Processing Manager/CAD Supervisor for Fort Worth. His responsibilities extend far beyond mere managerial duties. He serves as a guiding light, assisting with new projects, reviewing processing schedules, and imparting his wealth of knowledge to colleagues in the CAD department. John finds immense fulfillment in mentoring others, taking pride in their growth and development.

“I really enjoy helping out others and offering assistance to other divisions when they need us.”

Moreover, John’s impact transcends the confines of his role, as he actively contributes to the company’s evolution and culture. He spearheads initiatives to foster collaboration and employee-oriented practices, embodying the ethos of teamwork and support that defines Delta Steel.

“Knowledge is power”

For John, the future holds boundless possibilities. His aspirations are as ambitious as they are noble—to continue growing alongside the company, to keep learning, and to offer his expertise to all divisions. John remains steadfast in his pursuit of knowledge and excellence.


Outside the office, John finds solace in the simple joys of family and hobbies. Whether it’s cheering on his son at soccer matches or indulging in home improvement projects, John cherishes the moments spent with loved ones and finds fulfillment in every endeavor.


“To learn to succeed you must first learn to fail”Michael Jordan

Congratulations John! Delta Steel is proud to have you on our team!

Demetres Steward – Shift Supervisor

Demetres Steward is the Second Shift Supervisor in Houston, TX.

Demetres Steward’s story is one of dedication, perseverance, and continuous growth within the steel industry. Starting as a crane operator with a competitor in 1996, Demetres’ career is marked by the positions he held.

From handling inventory intricacies to leading third-shift operations, including yard truck operations, material processing, and managing RMA processes, Demetres gained diverse experience in operations. Moving on from his crane operator role he joined the team at Metal Supply Company in 2002 as a crane operator and quickly moved to safety coordinator.

With a solid educational background and a keen eye for inventory adjustments, mill claims, and forklift operations, Demetres quickly proved his capabilities in the dynamic world of steel.

His journey with Delta Steel began in 2022 as an inventory control admin. In 2023 he worked took on a position as third shift leadman. Demetres’ two-week orientation and familiarity with inventory control at Metal Supply Company laid the foundation for his success. His training with the new inventory control software, coupled with learning from veteran colleagues, showcased his dedication to staying ahead in a rapidly evolving industry.

When asked about his role, Demetres emphasized:

“I like the camaraderie with my team, the challenge of efficiently managing the flow of steel in the warehouse, and the joy of working with colleagues I have known for over two decades.”

The safety-oriented culture at Delta Steel aligns with Demetres’ values, making it a workplace where he not only excels but also feels cared for. In just two years, he has risen through the ranks, showcasing his commitment to excellence.

Career Growth

Demetres has evolved and climbed the career ladder, reaching the position of Second Shift Supervisor at Delta Steel – Houston in August 2023. Overseeing a team of 16-18 employees, Demetres leads toolbox talks, manages timesheets, and makes critical decisions on material substitutions in collaboration with the sales department. His role involves not just the aforementioned responsibilities but also a strong focus on safety—a value deeply embedded in Delta Steel’s culture. Through his journey, Demetres has seen positive changes driven by increased safety initiatives, fostering an environment conducive to professional growth via open and honest communication amongst the entire organization.

“Delta is much more safety oriented than other companies I’ve worked for.”

Looking ahead, Demetres envisions a future with Delta Steel, aspiring to continue growing within the company. His goal is to contribute to the facility’s safety and possibly take on a role as an operations manager.


Outside of work, Demetres enjoys family time, with his son (20) and daughter (10). Married for eight years, he finds joy in activities like bowling, bike rides, walks, and beach outings.


“When life gives you lemons, make lemonade!”


Jaime Gonzalez – Operations Manager

Jaime Gonzalez is the Operations Manager in Cedar Hill, TX.

In the heart of Delta Steel’s Cedar Hill, TX operations, stands a testament to dedication and hard work, personified in Jaime Gonzalez, the Operations Manager. Jaime’s journey began as a Quick Mill/Drill Operator however his career trajectory would soon take an impressive upward turn.

Jaime’s steel career began at a local competitor, where he operated plasma tables for roughly two years. Concerned about his future with the company and potential layoffs, he seized an opportunity at Delta Steel, bringing along several colleagues with him. Transitioning to Delta Steel was made simple due to the many technical improvements that allowed for a much more efficient operation.

“Coming from the a local competitor to Delta Steel was night and day. Training was much easier at Delta.”

Beginning in March of 2013 at the Fort Worth location, he started working as a drill operator. Learning from a veteran operator and leveraging his previous experience, he quickly adapted, showcasing his competence in handling complex tasks. Jaime honed his skills in operating the drill lines, gaining hands-on experience in the foundational aspects of steel processing and distribution.

Fast forward to November 2018, Jaime was offered a 3rd Shift Supervisor role where he could showcase his leadership and organizational skills. In April 2021, he became the Quality Administrator responsible for managing nonconformance and corrective actions across both the Fort Worth and Cedar Hill locations. This demonstrated his attention to detail and commitment to quality.

Career Growth

In January 2022, Jaime took on the role of processing supervisor. He was in charge of machine production, scheduling, and material verification. With over a decade of service at Delta Steel, he has held many different positions. Jaime’s loyalty and dedication have been instrumental in the company’s success.

As the Operations Manager, Jaime oversees and is accountable for every aspect of the operations at Cedar Hill. Implementing new expectations, he ensures a smooth transition for the team. Learning from his predecessors and fostering camaraderie with the General Manager, Jaime finds joy in the positive work environment they are committed to. His team’s cohesion and open-mindedness will contribute to the success of the Cedar Hill location. The company’s profitability and investment in employee’s well being have created a more positive and optimistic atmosphere.

“We all flow well together.”

Looking ahead, Jaime aspires to take on future leadership opportunities within Delta Steel, aiming to contribute to the company’s continued success.


Outside the office, Jaime finds solace in riding Harley motorcycles, enjoying movies with his family of six kids – five boys and a girl.


“Nothing ever comes to one, that is worth having, except as a result of hard work.” – Booker T. Washington

Jaime Gonzalez’s story serves as an inspiring narrative of resilience, adaptability, and hard work—a testament to the incredible career journey of an individual who started as a Quick Mill Operator and now leads operations at Delta Steel. Congratulations, Jaime!

Tim Johnson – Operations Manager

Tim Johnson is the Operations Manager in San Antonio, TX.

Tim Johnson

Tim Johnson, the seasoned Operations Manager at Delta Steel – San Antonio, has a remarkable story that transcends the conventional path to success. Tim’s determination and passion for his work have led him to the pinnacle of his career.

Tim’s journey within Delta Steel started during the summer before his senior year of high school at Metalsales, which eventually became Delta Steel – San Antonio. He began working in 1979 when he joined the company as a General Maintenance worker. Little did he know that this was just the beginning of a remarkable career that would span 44 years. From the ground level, Tim climbed the corporate ladder, taking on roles such as Crane Operator in 1980 before ultimately landing the position he currently holds – Operations Manager.

His training experience was a testament to his adaptability. Operating cranes without remotes in the early days, Tim learned on the job and even contributed to installing the radios that revolutionized crane operation. Tim’s problem-solving skills prevailed, ensuring a safer work environment at the San Antonio facility.

“The key is to work side by side, get the job done right, and maintain the highest standards of safety.”

Career Growth

He took the initiative to learn every facet of operations, mastering every piece of processing equipment and proving his dedication. When offered the Operations Manager role in his mid-20s, Tim initially hesitated because he didn’t feel qualified for the position at the time. However, the General Manager recognized his capabilities and unofficially assigned him the responsibilities of an operations manager. Over time, Tim’s efforts were officially acknowledged, solidifying his position as Operations Manager in May 1985.

“I find satisfaction in working side by side with my team, upholding the highest safety standards and seeing we deliver the quality that is expected by our customers.”

In his role, Tim prioritized fostering a sense of unity among employees, transforming them into a cohesive team. His commitment to building a positive culture has defined his leadership style. However, Tim reflects on past decisions, admitting that hiring older individuals was a mistake, as they retired sooner than he could replace them. Nevertheless, his dedication to family and maintaining a healthy work-life balance remains unwavering.

Throughout his career he has witnessed significant changes within the company, from an absence of formal safety training to a modernized facility with improved efficiencies and a significant investment in the safety and training of all employees. Tim’s vision for the future is centered on securing Delta Steel for the next generation, ensuring a stable and prosperous future with the right people in place to do so.


Outside of work, Tim’s hobbies, like raising show pigs and engaging in disc golf, showcase his diverse interests. His private 18-hole disc golf course on 25 acres has even become a hub for Professional Disc Golf Association games, contributing to his fulfilling life outside the office.


“You are never too old to set another goal or dream a new dream. Always be looking forward . You can never plan the future by the past. If your not positive energy, your negative energy.” 

Tim Johnson’s remarkable journey from General Maintenance to Operations Manager exemplifies dedication, adaptability, and leadership, making him a true career climber worthy of honor and recognition. Congratulations, Tim!

Brandon Smith – Account Representative

Brandon Smith is a Account Representative in Cedar Hill, TX.


Brandon Smith has carved a path to success that began at a community college, where he honed his skills and laid the foundation for his future. He initially joined Delta Steel as a Press Brake Operator in September 2021, setting foot in an unfamiliar industry at the Ft. Worth location. But it was here that he would start his incredible journey. Brandon’s Delta Steel journey was intertwined with personal growth, as he moved from Tucson, Arizona, seeking a fresh start and reconnecting with family in Fort Worth. He had the fortune of knowing a personal family friend who had gone to high school with his mother and thus this connection served as a fortuitous link to his promising career with Delta Steel.

Brandon’s career evolution didn’t happen overnight. His success story was marked by consistent learning and mentorship, including time spent learning from veteran operators. It was those veterans who transferred the knowledge, the kind that textbooks couldn’t provide, to Brandon. Brandon also absorbed the workings of the press brake machine, ensuring that all material and processing information was entered accurately into the system.

Fast forward to January 2022, and Brandon found himself embracing a new role as a Processing Scheduler. In this capacity, he was entrusted with the responsibility of scheduling processing for all machinery, ensuring that the wheels of production ran smoothly. By February 2022, he had progressed yet again, this time assuming the role of a CNC Programmer. His daily tasks included creating all the essential programs, becoming an integral part of the CAD team, and meticulously checking programs while making necessary adjustments.

Career Growth

In April 2023, Brandon embarked on his most transformative role yet—Account Representative. It was here that his journey took a profound turn. Brandon found himself connecting with clients, both old and new, spending his days as the point of contact for one of Delta Steel’s largest accounts in Fort Worth. His two-year journey through the ranks had culminated in a position that allowed him to apply his skills, knowledge, and dedication in new and exciting ways.

In a few months time Brandon moved over to the Cedar Hill location, as a Account Representative. His primary role revolves around nurturing existing accounts and exploring new opportunities. Cedar Hill provides more significant opportunities in selling on the structural side, and it’s a role that allows him to be close to the facility, cementing his connection with the company’s core operations.

Reflecting on his journey at Delta Steel, Brandon cites a profound cultural change within the organization, with an emphasis on safety that resonates through every facet of the company. “You can’t go a day without hearing about being safe.” Employees look forward to coming to work, fostering a strong bond with the operations team and forging lasting friendships.

Brandon’s aspirations for the future are high. He envisions himself in a leadership role, perhaps even as a General Manager on day. His love for teamwork and his undeniable pride in knowing that he plays a part in the structures that shape the world fuel his ambition.


Outside of the workplace, Brandon’s passion for sports, love for fishing, and his commitment to training in Jiu-Jitsu and kickboxing fill his free time. He understands that success isn’t confined to his career, but extends to his life outside of work.


“If something is humanly possible, it is attainable by you too.” – Marcus Aurelius

Brandon Smith’s remarkable career climb at Delta Steel is a testament to the belief that hard work, dedication, and continuous learning can lead to incredible heights. Congratulations, Brandon!

Matt Carnathan – Sales Manager

Matt Carnathan is the Sales Manager in Houston, TX.


Matt Carnathan, the Sales Manager for Delta Steel – Houston Division, has a remarkable five-year journey with the company. Matt’s journey to Delta Steel is marked by a strong work ethic and a passion for new challenges. Prior to joining the company, he spent 16 years working for a trucking company. Despite being groomed for a leadership role, he felt a desire for change and sought new opportunities. Fortuitously, he learned of an opening for a Traffic Manager at Delta Steel, thanks to a friend’s recommendation. After a successful interview, Matt joined Delta Steel starting as a Traffic Manager in January 2018 and since then his dedication and commitment to growth have made him a valuable asset to the organization.

This transition marked a significant shift in his career trajectory, as he had only held two jobs throughout his career. “I never had never had to prepare a resume before!” However, Matt’s determination and enthusiasm quickly became evident.

“I’m happy everyday. Genuinely.”

One of the highlights of Matt’s career at Delta Steel was his collaboration with the VP of Commercial, where they negotiated with the Port of Houston operations to bring materials into the facility via barges—a groundbreaking approach for the company. His proactive approach and problem-solving skills demonstrated his ability to adapt and contribute to the company’s significant growth.

Career Growth

Matt has steadily progressed over the next few years and he ultimately pursued a role as Sales Manager, which he assumed in November 2022.

In his current role as Sales Manager, Matt plays a vital role in supporting the sales team, though transitioning from day-to-day sales activities to this role presented its own set of challenges. Relinquishing accounts proved to be more demanding than he anticipated. However, he approaches his responsibilities with genuine enthusiasm.

“I get great satisfaction from helping my team be successful.”

What Matt enjoys most about his current role is witnessing the intricate process of negotiations and purchases. Transitioning from an operations-focused background to the commercial side of the business has been a fulfilling experience for him. He relishes the positive work environment and describes his daily experience as genuinely happy, underlining the importance of great leadership, a supportive warehouse team, and the company culture.

Looking ahead, Matt has ambitious aspirations with Delta Steel. He envisions himself as a General Manager for one of the company’s facilities when the right time and location align.

“I don’t think I could find a better situation than the one I’m in right now. It’s an ideal situation and I don’t think I could ever leave.”


In his free time, Matt enjoys outdoor activities such as hunting, fishing, and golf, where he brings the same dedication and passion as he does to his role as MSCI Texas chapter president, all while balancing family life, 20 years of marriage to his wife Jennifer, and actively supporting his three sports-loving sons: Logan, Caden, & Jackson.


“Can’t. Never could.” –  John Lee 

Congratulations, Matt! We look forward to the fresh and innovative contributions you’ll continue to make to our team in the years ahead. Here’s to your continued success!