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Katie Roberson – Traffic Supervisor

Katie Roberson is the Traffic Supervisor in Fort Worth, TX.

Katie Roberson-Traffic Supervisor

Katie began her career with Delta Steel in October of 2017 when she found a position as office administrator through an employment agency. She was looking for something different than her previous job as a manager at Insurance Auto Auctions. Katie started working in the Cedar Hill location and was responsible for maintaining and documenting safety paperwork, JSA(Job Safety Analysis) training, inventory receiving and adjustments, MTR(Mill Test Reports) and assist with answering the phones.

“I am a people person and I enjoy talking with people”

Soon enough she found herself splitting time between Cedar Hill and Fort Worth Delta Steel locations. One year later, Katie was offered a full-time position as Administrative Service Representative where she continued to support both Delta Steel locations.

Career Growth

In January of 2021, Katie took a role in Quality Control. This was a logical move for her because many of the duties she already performed were part of this position’s responsibilities. She did have to issue Non Conformance and corrective actions as part of her new role to ensure product quality before material ships to the customer. A little over year in this role and Katie took another step in her career. In March of 2022 she became the Traffic Supervisor for Delta Steel Fort Worth. Not only does she still serve some of the Quality Control responsibilities, she now handles many of the duties associated with the traffic department. Katie builds loads and works with existing carriers as well as setting up new ones.

Her 6 years with Delta Steel has covered a lot of ground and touched many different aspects of the business and made Katie a valuable asset to the success of our team. Katie has ambitions of continuing to grow with the company and lend her expertise to others through training.

“I want to be able to travel and train people in different areas of the company but mostly in operations and safety.”

Whether meeting Fort Worth’s tons goals, meeting with drivers, or keeping deliveries on track, all of it keeps her challenged every day. “As long as I can continue to grow I see myself retiring from here.”


Katie enjoys dancing and gambling(specifically slots and craps), basketball and football. She has 3 children and 3 grand children


” The secret of change is to focus all your energy not on fighting the old but on building the new.” –  Socrates, father of Western Philosophy 

Congratulations Katie! We look forward to what new and creative things you bring to our team in the many years to come!

Geoff Wilson – Sales Manager

Geoff Wilson is the Sales Manager in Cedar Hill, TX.

Geoff Wilson - Sales Manager

Geoff Wilson, a United States Army veteran and graduate of Northern Illinois University with a Bachelor of Science in Political Science, started his steel journey with a fellow Reliance Steel & Aluminum sister company, Liebovich Bros. Inc., located in Rockford, IL in 2010. Geoff learned the business working as an inside sales rep initially until he migrated into an outside sales position. In 2017, Geoff’s wife took an opportunity with a wine distributor in Texas and he found himself looking for another opportunity. He really wanted to stay within the Reliance brand and worked with one of the executive vice presidents to find another position. Delta Steel was looking for a sales representative in the Dallas/Ft. Worth area and Geoff took the job.

Career Growth

Geoff interviewed for a sales position but ended up taking the sales manager role for Delta Cedar Hill.

“Liebovich is a very customer service oriented company which facilitated my transition to Delta very nicely.”

To start, Geoff operated out of the Ft. Worth location but eventually moved to an office in Cedar Hill permanently. Shortly after beginning his employment, Delta Steel became part of Infra-Metals. This shifted the way Delta had operated and the products they were offering.

“Cedar had to find their way in the market. I learned how to market and sell beams.

The Cedar Hill location was tasked with selling new products and services and had to develop their business essentially from scratch. Geoff enjoys the fast paced environment where everyday is different and poses new challenges.

I like seeing the projects our material goes into. We’re selling our customer’s solutions to their problems.”

Since joining Cedar Hill, Geoff and his team have doubled the capacity of the facility, made major capital investments and assisted in making significant positive changes in safety as well as developing a positive work environment. When Geoff was asked where he see’s himself in the future with Delta Steel he said he “would like to someday run his own Delta Steel location. I want to be a leader and watch the team grow.”


Geoff enjoys golf when he able to get some free time. He also loves spending time with his wife, 3 year old daughter and 1 year old son.


Congratulations Geoff and we look forward to what new and creative things you bring to team Delta!

Andrew Gubitosa – General Manager

Andrew Gubitosa is the General Manager in Houston, TX.

AndrewGubitosaAndrew’s career in steel began when he was looking for a way out of an undesirable job running a furniture store.

“The day I had to go out and repo someone’s furniture I knew I was done.”

His friend’s mother was the controller for Metal Supply Company; at that time it was a subsidiary of Reliance Steel and Aluminum. In March of 2011, Andrew was hired for an inside sales position but he spent the first few months assisting with ISO Certification and the documentation of the business units at the company. He spent a lot of time interacting with the various department managers recording all of the workflows. His work on the certification ended up being his formal education in the steel business.

“I got to see every aspect of the business which a lot of sales people don’t get to do.”

After finishing his work flow documentation, Andrew learned how to sell by cold calling a book of inactive accounts and trying to get them to give him a shot.

“I was hungry so I’d stay after people by constantly calling them on the phone. The phone is your best friend in sales. I’d even watch Dancing With The Stars because a prospect liked it and I wanted her business!”

Andrew’s research methodologies and constant persistence paid off as he quickly became one of the top sales reps. A year and a half later he became the assistant sales manager, a similar role to sales manager with a more precise focus on the daily activity of the sales team members. Change was on the horizon however and several months later Metal Supply Company merged with Delta Steel and Andrew found himself a new home at the Delta Steel Houston location. At that time there was already a sales manager so Andrew went back into sales full-time…but not for long.

Career Growth

In October of 2014, Andrew became the sales manager for Delta Steel Houston. Fast forward to 2017 when Infra-Metals came along and assisted with the operations of Delta Steel, he saw significant positive change that set the company up for success.

“The biggest change was adjusting our focus and aligning with clearly defined goals. There wasn’t one magic bullet but a bunch of little things and now we had a real vision and identity to operate from.”

Four company presidents, two company mergers and a global pandemic; All experiences that have helped mold Andrew’s leadership style. He became the general manager in Houston in 2022.

“It’s important to learn the good and the bad from people in positions of leadership. I’ve seen failure and success.”

Now that he is in the general manager role he functions from a completely different perspective. He has had to learn far more about operations than previous positions.

“It’s a new challenge trying to meld commercial and operations together but I now get to communicate more between the groups and be a conduit for everyone to be heard.”

Andrew aims to continue to grow in his role and possibly one day earn a C level position with Delta Steel, Infra-Metals or Reliance Steel and Aluminum.


Andrew is into all rec sports; baseball, basketball, soccer etc. However he does regularly play paintball with his 12 year old son. Andrew used to play competitively and that undoubtedly has rubbed off on his son.


We had nonbelievers all along the way, and I have one thing to say to those nonbelievers: Don’t ever underestimate the heart of a champion!” – Rudy Tomjanovich

Congratulations Andrew and thank you for your contribution to our team!

Jose Carreon – Burn Department Supervisor

Jose Carreon is the Burn Department Supervisor in Houston, TX.

Jose’s time with Delta Steel began in March of 2014 but his story actually starts almost ten years prior with another Reliance Steel & Aluminum Company called Metal Supply Company. In February of 2006 Jose had returned from serving a 1 year tour in Afghanistan as a cargo specialist.

He began working for MSC as a torch burner, cutting up to 40″ beams with a hand torch.

“My military experience loading helicopters, deuce half and military trucks onto the cargo planes translated well when I entered the workforce.”

He also spent time as a processing foreman from 2013-2014. After that he moved to crane operator, which was during the merger with Delta Steel. For a short period of time he would continue working out of the old MSC facility as a second shift supervisor. Eventually Jose moved over to the main Delta Steel location in Houston, TX as a traffic assistant. There he would prepare the bills of lading for shipment as well as other tasks.

Career Growth

In 2018 Jose became the leadman for the plate processing department. His experience in the warehouse and operations lead him to pursue another opportunity as first shift receiving clerk from April 2022-2023. The culmination of his vast experience of the last 17 years lead him to be the burn department supervisor, where he oversees the plate and saw processing machines, operators, materials and prioritizing work for the shop.

“I enjoy being able to assist people and help them get what they need to get the job done. Everyday brings a new challenge and I really enjoy that.”

Jose likens his work environment to more of family atmosphere. He never thought he would be in the same place for 17 years but enjoys the people he works with. As Jose eyes his future with Delta Steel, one of his goals is to one day being in a management position such as an operations manager and plans on staying until he is ready to retire.


Jose has been involved in a paintball league for over 12 years now, competing in local events. He also travels frequently south of the border to spend time with his father, assisting him with his sugar cane farming. Jose’s daughter is also involved in high school freehand marching competition and ROTC.


“You learn from the guy above you to teach the guys below  you. That’s the goal, to keep on learning.”

Congratulations Jose and thank you for your contribution to our country and our team!

Brian Johnson – Sales Manager

Brian Johnson is the Sales Manager in Ft. Worth, TX.

Brian Johnson

Brian’s time with Delta Steel began in March of 2011 when he was hired as a temp to work the press brakes. He came from an entirely different industry, albeit his time in sales at Radio Shack and managing a Dollar General Store would undoubtedly help him as his career flourished.

Retiring his three piece suit, Brian was referred to Delta Steel through a family friend and started with no experience in steel and quickly learned how to process and handle plate, a mainstay of the Ft. Worth division. Within six months Brian became a full-time processing employee and was cross trained for the press brakes and burning machines. His work ethic didn’t go unnoticed and by November he became the processing scheduler. His work covered the entire life cycle of the utility pole business.

“I essentially performed all aspects of the pole business, cradle to grave.”

Career Growth

In January 2023, Brian became sales manager for Ft. Worth.

“Working in the pole business is a departure from the normal everyday types of orders most of our locations handle and therefore requires a little bit different approach.”

Through Brian’s twelve year journey with Delta Steel, there have been several changes through out the organization. From leadership changes to new facilities and equipment.

“We have great momentum and I don’t want to loose that!”

He notes there has been a change in culture over the last several years. Brian enjoys the challenge the position brings and the complexity of the process.

“I felt I could bring the knowledge acquired over the years in the shop and apply them effectively to my new role.”

Looking towards the future, Brian is ready to rise to the occasion and/or opportunities that present themselves.

“Delta Steel is the place I plan to retire from.”


Brian has taken up cooking, specifically bbq and using smokers. It gives him the opportunity to continue his creativity outside of work.


“You either serve the customer directly or serve someone who does.”

Congratulations Brian and thank you for your contribution to our team!

Wes Bass – Sales Manager

Wes Bass is the Sales Manager in San Antonio, TX.

Wes’ pathway to Delta Steel involves several other FOC(Family of Companies within Reliance Steel and Aluminum) and very diverse geographies. He began selling steel through a sister company called Alaska Steel in May of 2011.

“We had a lot of military business back then which required knowledgeable staff to know how and where to source it.”

This was a unique model because a large portion of their sales were based on who could service the customer the best and most efficiently due to the limitations of their geographic location.

Around January 2014, in the middle of an unseasonably warm month by Alaska standards, Wes made his escape from the frozen tundra and joined American Metals Corporation in Canby, Oregon. Trading snow for rain was the order of the day but Wes embraced his new role in inside sales as well as the opportunity for growth that it afforded. It also allowed him to begin new passions, hiking and backpacking!

Here he took the skills learned with his previous company and applied them to new business segments. Wes took on selling excess prime plate for a regional mill as well as moving the bread and butter items in inventory.

Career Growth

In July 2017, Wes was looking for a way back to his family in Texas where he was born. He met with the management team at American Metals and asked if there were any opportunities within the other FOCs out there.

“I had family out in Houston and as luck would have it, Delta Steel – Houston was hiring. They worked hard to find me another home with the Reliance Family of Companies!”

Wes moved to Houston and worked as inside sales. He already knew the computer system so he was able to get started with minimal training.

Fast-forward several years to 2022 and Wes became the Sales Manager for the Delta Steel – San Antonio location. Taking on this role was not without it’s challenges. Wes now had to learn to lead a team rather than be part of it. He notes that San Antonio has a close knit camaraderie that promotes collaboration across many departments.

“I like being someone people can rely on and trust.”

Wes has many more goals to complete, one of which is to outsell the capacity of his location to the point where a larger location is needed through maximizing the potential of San Antonio.


Wes is an avid SCUBA diver and is currently working towards obtaining his master diver certification. He also enjoys riding bikes with his son and other fatherly duties.


“No sympathy for the devil; keep that in mind. Buy the ticket, take the ride…and if it occasionally gets a little heavier than what you had in mind, well…maybe chalk it up to forced consciousness expansion: tune in, freak out, get beaten.” – Hunter S Thompson

Congratulations Wes on a storied career and thank you for your contribution to our team!

Anthony Huey – Traffic Manager

Anthony Huey is the Traffic Manager in Cedar Hill, TX.

Anthony’s journey with Delta started when he moved from Arizona to Texas in 2017. His father, already an existing employee of Delta, asked if he wanted to work with him and the rest is history. At that time Delta Steel was part of another Reliance Steel and Aluminum company. His starting position was 3rd shift crane operator. Anthony and the rest of the Delta team were working to blend the two cultures in an effort to accomplish the same goals and he worked closely with both the assistant operations manager as well as his father. After two years he became the 3rd shift lead man crane operator and in 2019, he was promoted to 3rd shift supervisor.

Career Growth

Anthony’s next career move took him into the office where he became the traffic supervisor in 2020. He felt some pressure to prove himself and he worked hard scheduling routes and loads for the drivers.

“Everyday is something different and I like being challenged that way.”

Since Infra-Metals became involved with the business there has been a major cultural shift in the way we work together. Anthony notes that the biggest change came by way of the Safety Program.

“There are more systems in place to keep people safe than ever before.”

Management also takes more time to interact with employees and share their appreciation for their hard work.

There are plenty of opportunities within the company. Looking to the future with Delta Steel, Anthony aspires to one day be an operations manager for one of the facilities.


Anthony is a part time Jiu Jitsu instructor, holding a purple belt at this time. He also wants to someday own his own gym for martial arts. Additionally he enjoys hiking and being outdoors. You can also find him mastering new smoker recipes on his Traeger.


“You don’t lose if you get knocked down, You lose if you stay down.” – Muhammad Ali

Congratulations and thank you Anthony for your contribution to our team!

Thomas Rinyu – Press Brake Supervisor

Thomas Rinyu is the Press Brake Supervisor in Ft Worth, TX.


Thomas’ journey with Delta started almost 3 years ago when he moved from Tucson, AZ back to Texas and began working as a burn operator in the Cedar Hill location in 2020. Being new to steel, he jumped in and learned the ropes very quickly. After only weeks working with his onsite mentor and supervisor, he was on his own.

“I really enjoyed making the parts and programming the machine.”

Thomas took ownership of his role and put everything into his work. Additionally, he got certified to run the forklifts.

Career Growth

Just a short year later, Thomas moved over to the Ft. Worth facility 45 minutes away. He was assigned to operate the press brakes. The Ft. Worth facility runs some of the largest press brakes in the country at 60′ in length.

“I really enjoy seeing the big utility pole shells we make go out the door and when I drive down the highway I see some of the work I’ve created and that’s very rewarding.”

After working in the processing department for a year, Thomas was promoted to Press Brake Supervisor. He now helps the team locate and pull material when needed. His time with the burning department and press brakes afford the Ft. Worth shop some additional expertise and he’s happy to help.

“I enjoy being in a leadership position and being able to give back to the shop guys by imparting the knowledge I’ve accumulated.” Now that Thomas primarily functions in a supervisor capacity he works around the shop, helping out other operators and orders consumables for the machines. He also operates as an additional quality control step for the utility poles. Being in a leadership role allows him to collaborate more with the various departments which he feels helps foster better communication.

Looking to the future, Thomas has a goal of taking on more responsibility and contributing to the overall  success of the Ft. Worth team. We can’t wait to see what you do next!


Thomas is an avid gamer, enjoys playing Call of Duty and lifted trucks. He’s also a huge Cowboys fan.

Congratulations and thank you Thomas for your contribution to our team!

Matt Ibarguen – General Manager

Matt Ibarguen

Matt Ibarguen is the General Manager in Cedar Hill, TX.

Matt’s journey to Delta started 12 years ago when he moved from Boston, MA. to Langhorne, PA. in hopes of gaining more experience in the field of 3D architectural modeling. He ended up hearing that a sister company of Delta Steel, Infra-Metals, was looking to fill an open position for inside sales and the rest is history.

Nine years in the sales seat and Matt was vying for another position with Infra-Metals, as the General Manager position was opening up in Baltimore, MD. In 2019 he accepted the role and made his way to the home of the best crab cakes and interestingly, Old Bay Seasoning. Matt joined a team of seasoned people when he assumed leadership in the Mid-Altantic division which complimented his goal in repairing the warehouse and fitting it up for additional planned output.

“Being commercially minded, I really learned a lot about operations in my time there.”

Matt’s role was very hands on with the folks in the warehouse and he worked diligently to incorporate the safety culture that has made both Infra-Metals and Delta Steel so successful. He fostered an environment of very open and honest communication with his staff and looked to them for input when consideration new operational policies.

“Your whole job as a GM is people and communicating. It’s all about building relationships and putting your team in a position to succeed.”

Career Growth

In the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic, Matt turned to the south for another opportunity, and warmer weather. He accepted the position of General Manager for the Delta Steel Cedar Hill, TX location. Matt sees the potential in the Texas market and looks forward to competing in the market there. Since he has overseen this facility, they have gone through many changes, both physically and culturally. The Cedar Hill facility continues to expand it’s facility, add new equipment and upgrade the office space, all of which aligns with his vision for his employees.

“I want to make it place to have a great career and raise a family no matter what your role in the company is.”



Matt enjoys playing fast pitch softball, golfing and fishing.


Congratulations and Thank you Matt for your contribution and leadership!

James King – Assistant Operations Manager

James King is the Assistant Operations Manager in Houston.

Jame King

James’ career entails military experience as a Sargent where he served from 1995-2003 and an introduction into the steel business by way of a competitor for nearly 10 years. His career started with one of Reliance Steel & Aluminum Family of Companies subsidiary, Metals Supply, as a 2nd shift crane operator in 2012. In 2013, he took over the receiving role and in 2014 became a Delta employee after Delta Steel acquired Metals Supply Co. James was then promoted to the 1st shift supervisor at the Houston location.

In 2015, James responded to an opportunity back in the office for Traffic Manager. As many can attest, the traffic office essentially touches everything going in and out of the warehouse, and needless to say it’s a busy environment.

Career Growth

James continued his journey with Delta Steel and became the Safety Manager in 2015. His primary focus was clearly in safety where he would conduct near miss training, toolbox talks, monthly OSHA trainings, job safety analysis, and new hire training. James has been certified in several of the OSHA programs including the 10 and 30 hour certifications and Train-the-Trainer crane certification. Additionally, James used his previous experience in operations to handle quality control issues, inventory adjustments, billing and even mill claims.

As a well versed employee with a very diverse skill set, James decided to go after yet another role. He became the Assistant Operations Manager in 2021. James plays a critical role in inventory verification, receiving and processing. He also manages many of the consumables such as saw blades, coolant, PPE, lumber and other miscellaneous products needed for warehouse operations. James enjoys the personal relationships he’s built with the guys in the shop and notes it’s one of the benefits of his role.

“I like the interaction both personal and professional with the people I work with. I want people to feel comfortable around me and be able to approach me with anything.”

Looking to the future James envisions taking on more responsibility and maybe one day becoming an operations manager of one of the facilities.


“The way to get started is to quit talking and begin doing” – Walt Disney


James enjoys family time, baseball (little league) with his son and saltwater fishing for redfish.

Congratulations James! We are proud to have you on our team!