Bob Kester is the General Manager for San Antonio, TX.

Bob’s career with Delta Steel spans six decades and eight U.S. Presidents. Bob has held many positions, all at the San Antonio facility. Starting in 1979 , Bob took a summer job with Delta Steel as a loader for a summer job and he forgot to leave. To say he has seen it all would be an understatement. Back in those days the location was known as MetalSales, which was owned by Delta Steel – Houston. At the time there were already 2 Roberts employed so his supervisor nicknamed him Bob, which has endured as long as his summer job – 44 years. Steel runs in the family with his father working for a fabricator and his mother as HR Manager for what is now known as CMC Steel Seguin.

Career Growth

As Bob was looking to head back to college at the end of summer of 1979, the general manager made him an offer he couldn’t refuse. In 1980, he moved into the office performing inventory duties, trucking and some purchasing, Bob was promoted to Sales Representative where he would stay for the next 16 years. Orders in the 80’s were sent via fax or over the phone, handwritten and hard copies for work orders sent to the shop. In 1996, Bob was promoted to assistant general manager. Bob’s new role made him responsible for watching the inventory, proofing all the sales orders before they went to the shop, overseeing invoicing and even purchasing office supplies. Eventually he also began forecasting and purchasing inventory.

Current Day-to-day as General Manager

Being the general manager gives Bob the ability to contribute to the overall team goals. He likes working with the folks in San Antonio that are career employees, meaning those that truly enjoy the business. His focus has been evaluating his team and ensuring that he has the right people in the right positions to ensure success. Bob and his operations manager have been on the same team for most of their careers. “I’ll walk away satisfied that I did my best.” 

Delta Steel has gone through many changes over the years. From new computer systems and automation, to employees, safety programs, capital investments and even ownership, he still enjoys the art of the sale and continues to manage some key accounts. His career has allowed him to meet and work with some outstanding folks in the industry and build life-long friendships,  “I’m truly blessed!”


“Fear is a reaction. Courage is a decision.” – Winston Churchill


Bob enjoys deer hunting and saltwater wade fishing. Just ask to see his office… “I give a Big Shoutout to my wife of almost 38 years for putting up with the long hours and the many days and nights I was away from home working.”


Thank you Bob for a long and storied career with Delta Steel!