Tim Johnson is the Operations Manager in San Antonio, TX.

Tim Johnson

Tim Johnson, the seasoned Operations Manager at Delta Steel – San Antonio, has a remarkable story that transcends the conventional path to success. Tim’s determination and passion for his work have led him to the pinnacle of his career.

Tim’s journey within Delta Steel started during the summer before his senior year of high school at Metalsales, which eventually became Delta Steel – San Antonio. He began working in 1979 when he joined the company as a General Maintenance worker. Little did he know that this was just the beginning of a remarkable career that would span 44 years. From the ground level, Tim climbed the corporate ladder, taking on roles such as Crane Operator in 1980 before ultimately landing the position he currently holds – Operations Manager.

His training experience was a testament to his adaptability. Operating cranes without remotes in the early days, Tim learned on the job and even contributed to installing the radios that revolutionized crane operation. Tim’s problem-solving skills prevailed, ensuring a safer work environment at the San Antonio facility.

“The key is to work side by side, get the job done right, and maintain the highest standards of safety.”

Career Growth

He took the initiative to learn every facet of operations, mastering every piece of processing equipment and proving his dedication. When offered the Operations Manager role in his mid-20s, Tim initially hesitated because he didn’t feel qualified for the position at the time. However, the General Manager recognized his capabilities and unofficially assigned him the responsibilities of an operations manager. Over time, Tim’s efforts were officially acknowledged, solidifying his position as Operations Manager in May 1985.

“I find satisfaction in working side by side with my team, upholding the highest safety standards and seeing we deliver the quality that is expected by our customers.”

In his role, Tim prioritized fostering a sense of unity among employees, transforming them into a cohesive team. His commitment to building a positive culture has defined his leadership style. However, Tim reflects on past decisions, admitting that hiring older individuals was a mistake, as they retired sooner than he could replace them. Nevertheless, his dedication to family and maintaining a healthy work-life balance remains unwavering.

Throughout his career he has witnessed significant changes within the company, from an absence of formal safety training to a modernized facility with improved efficiencies and a significant investment in the safety and training of all employees. Tim’s vision for the future is centered on securing Delta Steel for the next generation, ensuring a stable and prosperous future with the right people in place to do so.


Outside of work, Tim’s hobbies, like raising show pigs and engaging in disc golf, showcase his diverse interests. His private 18-hole disc golf course on 25 acres has even become a hub for Professional Disc Golf Association games, contributing to his fulfilling life outside the office.


“You are never too old to set another goal or dream a new dream. Always be looking forward . You can never plan the future by the past. If your not positive energy, your negative energy.” 

Tim Johnson’s remarkable journey from General Maintenance to Operations Manager exemplifies dedication, adaptability, and leadership, making him a true career climber worthy of honor and recognition. Congratulations, Tim!