Demetres Steward is the Second Shift Supervisor in Houston, TX.

Demetres Steward’s story is one of dedication, perseverance, and continuous growth within the steel industry. Starting as a crane operator with a competitor in 1996, Demetres’ career is marked by the positions he held.

From handling inventory intricacies to leading third-shift operations, including yard truck operations, material processing, and managing RMA processes, Demetres gained diverse experience in operations. Moving on from his crane operator role he joined the team at Metal Supply Company in 2002 as a crane operator and quickly moved to safety coordinator.

With a solid educational background and a keen eye for inventory adjustments, mill claims, and forklift operations, Demetres quickly proved his capabilities in the dynamic world of steel.

His journey with Delta Steel began in 2022 as an inventory control admin. In 2023 he worked took on a position as third shift leadman. Demetres’ two-week orientation and familiarity with inventory control at Metal Supply Company laid the foundation for his success. His training with the new inventory control software, coupled with learning from veteran colleagues, showcased his dedication to staying ahead in a rapidly evolving industry.

When asked about his role, Demetres emphasized:

“I like the camaraderie with my team, the challenge of efficiently managing the flow of steel in the warehouse, and the joy of working with colleagues I have known for over two decades.”

The safety-oriented culture at Delta Steel aligns with Demetres’ values, making it a workplace where he not only excels but also feels cared for. In just two years, he has risen through the ranks, showcasing his commitment to excellence.

Career Growth

Demetres has evolved and climbed the career ladder, reaching the position of Second Shift Supervisor at Delta Steel – Houston in August 2023. Overseeing a team of 16-18 employees, Demetres leads toolbox talks, manages timesheets, and makes critical decisions on material substitutions in collaboration with the sales department. His role involves not just the aforementioned responsibilities but also a strong focus on safety—a value deeply embedded in Delta Steel’s culture. Through his journey, Demetres has seen positive changes driven by increased safety initiatives, fostering an environment conducive to professional growth via open and honest communication amongst the entire organization.

“Delta is much more safety oriented than other companies I’ve worked for.”

Looking ahead, Demetres envisions a future with Delta Steel, aspiring to continue growing within the company. His goal is to contribute to the facility’s safety and possibly take on a role as an operations manager.


Outside of work, Demetres enjoys family time, with his son (20) and daughter (10). Married for eight years, he finds joy in activities like bowling, bike rides, walks, and beach outings.


“When life gives you lemons, make lemonade!”